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Why Having Emotional & Financial Freedom is Dangerous

I want tattoos and piercings (and to dye my hair but this is less permanent and lower in cost) and I have better things to spend my money on. Well not really. I can still buy those skates AND save for the trips…Maybe I should mention this to my...

Planning & Saving for Trips

This is a post about:My plan to save for four trips.Brief description of the trips (Greece w/Z & two Japan trips back to back)Brief Description of EF.Why these trips? And what I find works and what doesn’t work when it comes to saving for these trips.

Oh, Where To Next?

Japan, Greece, Norway, Germany, Iceland, France, Scotland, Switzerland, Lithuania, Russia, Spain, Italy, China (Taoist temples, mountains, buddhas, etc.), Poland, Greenland, Estonia, Thailand, South Korea, Mongolia, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, Madagascar, Belize,...